Jesper Buhl: Trust the Pie

Release date: 24-Jul-2014

Label: Phunky Phish Records

Jesper Buhl (DK) on keyboard

Bernhard Weichinger (AU) on drums

Jaap Berends (NL) on guitar

Cord Heineking (DE) on bass

Sten Elten (DK) on percussion.

  1. S.A.K.E.
  2. Obi-Wan-Syncopy
  3. Little Diddle
  4. Senor Rosa
  5. Cat Nap
  6. Four Pieces
  7. New Horn for the Rhino
  8. Forty-Two
  9. The Divine Art of Deep Diving
  10. Reformation Rumble
  11. Blow Snow

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