From the blog

I’m proud to announce that my latest album, Trust the Pie, has just been released. The album is, as is always the case with my productions, download/streaming only, and it’s as of now available through all of the mainstream channels such as iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby. etc. It’s once again jazz/funk[…]

I’m in the process of adding the last bits and pieces to a new album, which is due to be released within the next few months. It’s jazz/funk, with another line-up than my usual soundboard, Dino on the Loose, but I’m no less exited about it. Bernhard Weichinger(AU/a fellow Dino)[…]

Drummer Mads Klinke Hansen

As well as my latest european collaboration, which is getting closer to the finish line, I’ve also commenced work on what will be my first project on danish ground after twenty years abroad. Aside from myself and Mads Klinke Hansen playing the drums on all tracks, the rest of the line-up[…]

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