Jesper Buhl with keysMy adventures in music begun in the most unlikely of places, a small island in the danish part of the Wadden Sea. But then again, with a father also playing jazz (piano and bass) maybe it wasn’t that far fetched after all. Even though I myself can’t remember, I’ve been told that at the age of four I was already handling the reel-to-reel taperecorder listening to the likes of Ben Webster and Count Basie, my earliest heroes. Later on I discovered my first piano-hero, Oscar Peterson.

Early on I began playing everything at home cabable of producing some kind of noise, but very soon I fell in love with the piano. My affection for the piano later expanded to embrace all keyboards, but when I started taking lessons (age seven), and up till the age of 16 I was monogamous. Most of my formal training was classic, but my heart was beating for jazz and blues, and in my early teens I joined my first band with a bunch of friends, playing blues and rock’n’roll. In those years I also strayed away to pop and rock (you should have seen my Slade poster-collection) for a few years, but in highschool I rediscovered jazz, and Miles Davis and associates in particular.

I guess I’m not the first one to whome “Kind of Blue” was a revelation. That also meant that I had a new piano-hero, Bill Evans. Actually most of my favorites seems to have been playing with Miles at some point or another. Miles’ big comeback was in my high-school years, and when I heard his electric outfit i had no choice but to cheat on my first love and buy my first synth, a Korg Polysix sponsored by a generous grandad. And immediately formed my first fusion-band with some likely minded musicians willing to explore my first attemps at composing. After finishing highschool I realised that such a remote place as where I was living maybe wasn’t the ideal place to be for someone aspiring to a musical career. And thus, in 1983 I went to Copenhagen the danish jazz capitol.

Freshly arrived in the big city I formed a band that continued to be a working unit during almost all of my ten years in Copenhagen, Blue Turtle. We played solely my compositions, but anybody listening closely wouldn’t have had a hard time picking out most of my influences, Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter(both of Weather Report fame), Chick Corea, John Scofield, Herbie Hancock, etc. And off course the Dark Prince himself, Miles Davis. And I always found playing in an piano-trio a blast.

After 10 years of Copenhagen I felt like doing something else. I’d never had much education in jazz-playing and theory so I decided to apply for the Hilversum Conservatory and was accepted. I was planning to stay for a year, but it has now been thirteen years and I’m still here. With a couple of school-mates I formed yet another electric-jazz(fusion)-combo, Dino On The Loose, and even though it has been in-active for a few years, I never planned to bury it for good. Our first time around only lasted about a year, but now we’re back in business and presently in the process of recording a CD’s worth of new material.

And being the proud owner of a proper studio producing a CD with my newly formed trio (autumn 2007) was quite an easy feat. The proceedings went very much to my satisfaction and I’m presently contemplating as how to get it circulated.


Cheers, Jesper

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